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About Us

About us

My name is Waseem and in this website I have put my name jutt jee which is being used as admin. My education is matric. I belong to Faisalabad city. My passion is to work for the good of all.  Offering you a service by creating a thoughtful web site or blog that will tell you the absolute details of all jobs in Pakistan which will benefit you as well as for those who are unemployed.  Read every post on this website as it is written on a daily basis, the absolute post of Jobs.
This blog / website tells you about all the jobs that are less educated because this website will benefit the people who are less educated and are thinking of moving forward in life.
We are the different types of newspapers that are available in Pakistan and everyone is unable to read them in a timely manner. I am telling you from whom we collect advertisements about jobs. We are Jhang newspapers, Down Newspapers.  , Express newspaper, Nawa-e-Waqt, Daily Pakistan newspaper, Jasrat Magazine, Daily Time newspaper, The newspaper, Dunya newspaper and Amit newspaper take advertisements from major newspapers so that our people can benefit from it.  If you want to know about any kind of job which you don't understand how to apply, I have written my email below. You can contact me and also give you WhatsApp number.

Contact for Gimail.

Contact with Whatsapp.

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